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Our abortion stories.


December 13th, 2005

versacelitterbx @ 02:40 am: Oi Vey.

So I was looking at different vegetarian/vegan/veg*n communities and I stumbled across a Pro-Life Vegetarian community. Why do I torture myself and go and read it? I don't friggin know. But I suppose I was curious. Part of me feels that if you are going to be anti-choice you should be a vegetarian?? It makes sense in my messed up mind. Anyway, so some girl in the community was talking about how she handed out pamphlets in front of Planned Parenthood. I just don't understand that at all. Planned Parenthood does a million and three things *other* than perform abortions. Their whole point is to try to prevent abortion. Condoms, accurate sex ed, EC, all try to lower the number of abortions. So why would that be a bad thing? So I posted a comment,...I couldn't help myself. But I felt that the girl making the post was being judgmental in saying that everyone who went in, was going for an abortion. Why couldn't someone be going in for their annual exam? Or for birth control? I just don't understand that kind of ignorance.

sorry for the rant. if it's not appropriate you can delete it. i just needed to get it off my chest.

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