Versace Litterbox (versacelitterbx) wrote in imnotsorry,
Versace Litterbox

I sat down and watched the Pro-Choice/Anti-Choice episode of 30 Days last night. It's hard for me watch stuff like this usually and right away I got a feeling of anxiety. I took some deep breaths and watched the entire thing.

Jennifer is my hero. She is so strong and so brave to go on national tv and tell her story and then have to deal with such an environment for 30 days. I can barely stand to walk by a so-called pregnancy crisis center or any sort of anti-choice propaganda without wanting to be ill. But seeing Jennifer talk about her abortion and then sit through those meetings with such ignorant people telling her how she killed someone, made me want to give her a hug. She is so strong to have done that. I wish that I had that kind of strength. I can barely see an anti-choice propaganda poster without feeling guilty.

I really want to meet her and talk with her about her experience and just try to find that kind of strength that she has. She was truly an inspiration.

On another note,...there were parts of it that made me scream at the tv. Like when the woman said "Oh, you sell abortion?". I swear,..what an idiot. Or when the protesters were screaming at the women going into the clinics....made me want to punch someone. I loved how Jennifer wore her pro-choice shirt to the clinic and Pastor Al just kind of laughed. I swear. I hate ignorance.
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