sjc80 (sjc80) wrote in imnotsorry,

I had an abortion in March of this year. I am in a committed relationship and do want to have children with the man. When I found out I was pregnant, I was devastated. Both of us are still in school and having a baby would have prevented me from finishing school (a bunch of reasons). We decided that it was not the right time for us to have this baby and I had an abortion. I have dealt well with the decision.

Since then my boyfriend and I have gotten engaged and feel we made the right decision. It was hard this fall because I was doing a clinical rotation in labour and delivery (i'm in nursing school) right around the time I would have been due. I was a little werided out by that, thinking that it could very well be me there having a baby, rather than there as a student. Very surreal experience. Even in the face of that, I still think I made the right decision.
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