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Hope this is okay to post here. It kinda needed to come out.

I have never had an abortion. I have never been pregnant. If you'll excuse the TMI, I've never even had sex.

But I'm sure as hell not sorry for working in abortion care.

I help to provide an invaluable service to women, girls, and families during one of the most stressful, emotional, and difficult times of their lives. I provide them with the information, tools, and resources to help them make painful decisions, and more importantly, I trust them to choose the best course for their lives, no matter what that is. I make sure they walk into and out of that procedure room knowing that, even if no one else in their life understands that abortion is the most responsible and loving decision they can make, I understand it, and I support them.

I do not owe my family, my friends, my Higher Power, my political leaders, or my neighbors who grimace and glare at my "Keep Abortion Legal" bumper sticker an explanation or apology for the work I feel called to do. The only way they will ever understand it is if they are placed in a position to make such a choice.

I have been working in women's health since the age of 17 and in abortion care specifically since 19. I'm in nursing school with aspirations of becoming a midwife.
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