happytuesday7 (happytuesday7) wrote in imnotsorry,

New to community eager for my abortion appointment on Tuesday

I just want to get it done before my body changes even more, and being pregnant is miserable. I knew it i knew if i ever got pregnant Id get antenatal depression. My life is a mess im in love with the wrong person, he wants kids but he still is one, i know if i did this i would end up taking on all the work while he plays clash if clans. Frankly i dont want to ruin my body my sense of self esteem is pretty fragile and id become very depressed having to look at a flappy stoumach, i already feel ugly enough.i dont like kids every time im in a room with them i just wish theyd go the fuck away, i hate the toys. I hate the tv shows, they have nothing intresting to offer or say. I want to get a degree in something im passionate about maybe when im older ill adopt a kid so i can make a difference and pass on my wisdom all with the benefit of not having to get pregnant. Hopefully by then i will have left this guy gotten far in my career and met another like minded person and fall in love with someone who is capable of loving me back. I want this thing gone Tuesday couldn't come fast enough, man im getting implanon, im not doing this crap again.
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