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Our abortion stories.
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This is modeled after http://www.imnotsorry.net.

This is a place to tell your own personal abortion story. This is a support community, not a debate community. If you are here to debate or argue a point, take it to abortiondebate.

This community is primarily geared towards women who have aborted and do not regret their decision to abort and men/family members who have a positive abortion story to tell.

Please direct stories of choosing parenting or adoption to i_chose_life.

Please keep off-topic posts off of this board.

Please utilize community_promo or email me before plugging any communities.

Trolls will be promptly removed and banned.

From the UK? Check out abortion_uk, from youngacidia! For more information, please check out her community. Thanks!

Other links:
abortioninfo, a pro-choice discussion community (created by eyelid)
abortion_info, an abortion newsblog (created by drunkenatheist)

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